Cutting Edge Technology

Built entirely using the latest web technologies on top of a stable and proven Microsoft stack to deliver visualisation of business critical enterprise information on all next-generation and traditional computing interfaces.

Standards Compliant

Compliant with all industry standards (e.g. WITSML, PRODML and RESQML in Oil & Gas) and seamlessly connecting to ERP systems e.g. SAP, Oracle Fusion and Microsoft Dynamics, to Enterprise Databases, XML, JSON, web services, text files and more. Any application can interface with Atlas®.


Operational and Functional modules covering all business processes integrated into a single application engine, enabling a true cross functional data warehouse with full process mobility and a single intuitive portal, fully scalable and customisable.

Fully Customisable

Create multiple dashboards for different functions and levels of analysis across the organisation. Select from a comprehensive list of unique widgets and easily add them to custom dashboards. Share dashboards with the touch of a finger.

Dynamic Workflows

Create, assign and manage tasks from our intuitive interface with reminders and alerts to ensure mission critical action items are addressed on time. Atlas® can eliminate redundant data entry steps, reduce duplicated and non-uniform data capture, as well as improve Audit Compliance and business risk.

Customised Reporting

Sophisticated Data Aggregation enables Access to real-time fully customisable business intelligence dashboards. Integrated cross-functional interrogation enriches the depth of accessible information and enables quicker identification and resolution of issues.
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