Seamlessly connect your organisation’s applications to streaming real-time data from wells in the field and realise your Digital Oilfield strategy faster and cheaper with XStream ConnectTM by DK Energy. Embed XStream ConnectTM into any
Features and Benefits
  • Multi-well Connectivity
    Connect your applications to one or more well with ease.
  • Seamless Resume
    Start, stop and resume streaming real-time data anytime; even after your application restarts.
  • Data Sanitisation
    Transform, cleanse, and normalise received data before it gets consumed.
  • Supports the latest WITSML standards
    Built from ground up to support WITSMLTM version 1.3.1 and 1.4.1.
  • Granular Control to Boost Stability of Connection
    Adjust frequency of data retrievals and amount of records retrieved based on the network capacity to prevent timeouts and other failures.
  • Auto-Creation of Mappings
    Negate the need for users to pre-define targets for data mapping.
Microsoft .Net application to instantaneously aggregate, map, transform, cleanse, normalise and consume real-time well-site information. Focus on the business solution rather than the technicalities of receiving WITSMLTM data.

DK Energy is the developer and Intellectual Property Rights holder for XStream Connect™.

Lloyd’s Register Digital Products Limited is the sole distributor of XStream Connect™ as a Stand-Alone Connector that can be embedded into your Products, or integrated with their IP™ software.

For more information, please contact LR's Software Sales division at +1-713-489-3995 in the United States, +44-203-608-8024 in the United Kingdom or via email at Alternatively, please contact your local LR office.

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