The model-based Surveillance-by-Exception capability of Black Sun™ produces timely and accurate actionable data for proactive production management.

Visualise, Analyse and Optimise by Well, or Groups of Wells, Globally, Regionally or Locally

Production Surveillance

Drill down to any level of detail for a totally customised view - early identification of issues

Production Optimisation

Immediately identify underperforming assets and take timely action

Complete well information such as petro-physical, well tests, production, and pressure data are aggregated from various systems, fed into self-updating models, and are coupled with user-defined algorithms as well as automated business and engineering workflows, enabling alerts and notification to the right engineers, improving well stability, meeting flow assurance targets and increasing production rates.

Real-time technical analysis results, coupled with Stability Map Calculations and Network Model Validation results in the optimum production plan and allows for fewer engineers to manage more producing assets.

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