Black Sun™'s Exploration module mitigates risks by providing key personnel with the ability to steer and monitor all aspects of the Exploration activity, gain valuable insight into Asset performance, and is proven to be effective in reducing Non-productive Time and Loss Time Incidents. You will reach your hydrocarbons faster at a lower cost through the implementation of our real time downhole solution.

Reach your drilling targets more quickly and cost effectively

Project Overview

Integrate data from all Upstream systems to provide true real-time visibility of the performance of your assets. The Project overview screen provides users with an overview of all key Performance metrics on a fully customisable and intuitive screen.

Well Data

Mitigate drilling risk with a deeper insight into asset performance, monitoring and overlaying all current and historical data from the wellbore to optimise drilling performance. Featuring intelligent threshold alerts and notifications, with Black Sun™ you can review individual wells or a group of wells within the same application.

Wireline, Mud Logging and Drilling all in one

Using the latest 3D modelling, Black Sun™ uses MWD, LWD and Mud Logging data to enable simple adjustment of the borehole position in real time. All Upstream data can be consolidated onto an Enterprise database before Black Sun™ enable you to view it in the best and most productive way

Historical Evaluation

Black Sun™ allows you to access historical data, overlaying specific sets of circumstances and operational conditions to continually learn, guide, and improve drilling performance. Decisions are made faster and more accurately with Black Sun™.

LWD, Wireline, Mud Logging, and Drilling operations all visualised, interacted with, and monitored within a single application. One license model, one user interface.

Globally, rig assets are monitored, strategically guided and evaluated by your team of senior Petroleum Engineers who are able to collaborate within the same system in real time regardless of their location. This reduces the on-site resource requirement to only those essential staff, offering cost effective project completion, and a strategically more efficient service delivery.

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