Enterprise Overview



The Enterprise Overview, or EO, module within all our brand products fulfills the need to provision business leaders with an aggregated view of their enterprise performance, equipping them to effectively monitor and steer all aspects of business metrics and to easily identify strategic and operational issues.

View your Business in Real Time, Wherever You Are

Integrate data from across the organisation


Consolidate C-Level Dashboards


Instant Access to Strategic Information


Faster Decisions mean a more Profitable Business


Delivered with near real time or real time information and with full mobility, EO accesses information directly from your existing application portfolio, whether the business data is operational, technical or corporate and provides leaders with real time updating statistics which are customised to enable the instantaneous transparent tracking of progress, spend, quality, and delivery against your most critical business targets and KPI's.

Our multi-lingual EO User Interface allows each user to make their experience individual through personalised cross-functional dashboards. It is customised to suit your specific company profile with levels of access governed by state-of-the-art profile management processes.

A Single Version of Events is shared across the enterprise in real time, driving an organisation to develop a performance-driven culture and address performance challenges from the top to the bottom of the organisation

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