Led by  a team of  Industry executives  with  160+  years  of experience
in business with Royal Dutch Shell, Lockheed Martin, ExxonMobil,
FedEx, BP, TNT, British Aerospace, Weatherford, Petrofac and Schlumberger

Philip F Williamson

Chief Executive Officer

Prior to founding DK, Philip held executive roles with several global giants, such as, Royal Dutch Shell PLC, Lockheed Martin, British Aerospace, and Aircraft Braking Systems Corp. and he held senior roles ranging from Managing Director of a regional SAP IT Company, to Regional Manager Asia Pacific, Middle East & Oceania, for Shell Global Functions, Regional SAP Delivery Manager for Shell IT International, Regional Manager European Repair Centers for a division of Loral Space & Technology, and also Regional SAP Rollout Manager Europe Africa. The former Chairman of the SAP HR User Group, Malaysia.


Johan Indot

Chief Strategy Officer

Johan, a serial entrepreneur, has been in business for more than 23 years. Selling his direct marketing company in 1994, he decided to focus on the family owned Hire Purchase business (M&F Sdn Bhd), which remained viable through the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997. After major restructuring and the implementation of new controls and procedures, today, the company is back to being profitable.

Johan is a vastly experienced businessman that brings a wealth of cross-industry business knowledge and credibility, especially within the Asian Oil & Gas community and across global businesses.


Rosli Weldhen

Chief Operating Officer

Rosli has extensive knowledge in the marine support sector in Malaysia and around the region. He also the CEO of InOilCo Group of companies and is involved with the day to day operations for both Offshore marine support services as well as the broking side. He previously worked in Both Plantations for 21 years in various positions. This includes responsibilities such as setting up and managing the factory at Bukit Cheeding, Banting.

Rosli is very passionate about new era of digital technology and highly involved in development of new technologies in DK Energy.

Mission and Vision


To create Next Generation Software Solutions that Transforms Industry by providing the Right Information to the Right People at the Right Time, Anywhere.


To Be The First Choice.


We Exist to Serve Our Customers.
Our People are our Most Valued Assets.
Add Value at every Opportunity.

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