The DK Difference

DK helps businesses connect, extract and aggregate data from incompatible sources and turn it into relevant strategic information.
This allows clients, even with low compatibility infrastructure, to use information to manage their business from all available data and helps them develop to a state of I.T. maturity.
This means they get more value from their legacy systems and will be better positioned to benefit from future technologies like Big Data and the IoT.

Single Version of the Truth

Powerful Data Aggregation tool allowing you to consolidate all data across the organisation and focus on rapid problem solving for a more consistent, efficient and dynamic business.

Process Mobility

Increase productivity, boost employee morale and reduce costs significantly whilst improving collaboration by empowering the right people with the right information at the right time.

Real Time Data

Up to the second status of the performance of your assets and Key Performance Indicators for a more agile, pro-active and responsive organisation.

Intelligent Workflows

Enable cross-disciplinary experts to collaborate in the same application and speed up time critical processes, leading to better and faster decisions and increased efficiency.
ATLAS®  is the generic processing engine, it works the same for all industries by: Accessing all business information, corporate, functional & technical to provide cross-functional information from disparate data.

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